Don't Get Stuck With an Extended Gym Membership

Schedule a no-contract gym membership in Shreveport, LA

No one wants to be locked into a gym membership for months at a time. At BodyPro Impact, we understand that life happens. If you pull a muscle, move out of Shreveport, LA or get too busy to work out, rest assured that you can cancel your no-contract gym membership at any time.

Our gym offers various amenities that make working out and recovering simple. Members work out in a facility that's separate from our group fitness gym, which makes it easier to focus. After your workout, make an appointment with our massage therapist or visit our inversion tables to recover.

Sign up for our affordable gym membership today. Our memberships are $45.00 per month or $25.00 per month with one-on-one personal training.

What you need to know about our affordable memberships

Want to learn more about our memberships in Shreveport, LA? Check out these commonly asked questions about our no-contract gym memberships:

  • How much is our affordable gym membership? Access our top-notch facilities for only $45 per month.
  • How do you access our gym? You'll get a key fob that allows you to use our infrared sauna, cardio equipment and regular gym.
  • Do we offer any specialty memberships? Yes. Ask about our family, military, first responder, veteran, teacher, nurse and corporate membership options.

If you still have questions, call 318-402-7411 or 318-465-0542 now.

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